tfw nintendo completely ignores mothers 25th anniversary


relative: so, are you dating anyone?
me: yeah, actually! want to see them?
relative: sure!
relative: why are you starting up a video game

pupside down


pupside down

P.S. remind me to tell yyou about my haunted house exeprience

Honestly I reblogged those twitter comics because I cn 100% relate to that hair dye one

I did that twice with red dye

I’ve also cut my own hair on various days when I’ve been particularly vulnerable

The combination of these two has made people call me “punk rock Archie” before


the  aesthetic  police  is  here


My favourite, rubyetc on Tumblr

raspbillcosberry said:

i liked their really early stuff just cause it was kind of the reality of sitting with a friend and playing games. the last year or so though it’s been increasingly painful. it’s even worse now cause it’s turned into this huge cash cow

Oh, I agree.  They can still pull out a good series now and then but for the most part it’s pretty bad—especially when they’re basically just Read Aloud Grumps.

Also sometimes the “we don’t read instructions” thing can be funny, but more often than not it’s just Arin’s excuse to be a prick in GGvs (a lot of the time he’s already played a game before).  Which would be a little annoying by itself but after Nickelodeon GUTS is just plain hypocritical.

But my main point was that any time they try and script something, get in front of a camera, and act it out it’s just…stupid.  It’s totally unfunny “be loud! be random!” humor that most people have grown out of by their age.  It’s like they’re all begging for attention over each other.  It’s terrible.

Still love Danny and Barry and Suzy but damn guys

Honestly Game Grumps skits are all really terrible

I might have found them funny when I was like 13 but man


Fuck dictionaries, fuck scientists, I, a 14-year-old, tumblr-educated, white, middle class piece of shit with bad grades, am the real expert here and you are wrong because I say so.